Les Bottes Rouges -JB Menigoz “Face B” 2017

Wine Region: Jura
Grape: Savagnin

Tasting notes:
On the nose, citrus intermingles with meat and smoke initially, then becomes purer and crystalline. Wonderful juiciness on the attack, ravishing in its effortless volume in the mouth. Complex, stony and layered, staying well clear of any angularity in spite of its purity. Mouthwatering and multi-layered finish that invites the next sip. Gorgeous wine.

About the estate:
Jean-Baptiste Menigoz was born and brought up in the Jura/ Franche Comté region, but there were no vines in his area. His professional background is that he worked teaching children with learning difficulties. His passion for wine led him to enrol in a viticulture and wine-making course at Beaune in 2010 -2011. He carried out his work experience with a Jura vigneron, who farms biodynamically, called Stéphane Tissot. It was Stéphane who encouraged Jean-Baptiste to become vigneron, and who gave him the moral support and the confidence to set up his own wine-making estate. Jean-Baptiste founded his own estate ‘Les Bottes Rouges’ in 2012, by, first of all, renting vines, and then by buying them gradually.

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