Marchand Tawse Beaune 1er Cru “Le Clos du Roi” 2018

Wine Region: Burgundy
Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes:
Stylish pink purple. Their holding is in the best part within the Clos walls, avoiding the sandier soils. This certainly has real density to it, with a beautiful balance, some white pepper and very good length.

About the estate:
Pascal Marchand, formerly of Domaine Comte Armand and Domaine de la Vougeraie, has founded his own négociant operation and is now producing reds and whites that he both vinifies as well as purchases. Pascal explains that he has always wanted to work on a small scale and to produce them as naturally as possible. This approach begins in the vineyard. As one of the earliest proponents of organic/ biodynamic farming, Pascal systematically instituted organic viticulture in the mid-80s at Domaine Comte Armand. He believes organic farming is one of the key foundations to maximise terroir expression and is keenly particular about the adherence to this practice for his fruit supplies. He now extracts far more naturally, calling it "infusion" as opposed to extraction, and the wines successfully demonstrate it. While Pascal's wines always have that unbridled sense of latent power and wild fruits, today this characteristic is but an underlying tone, a subtle personality trait which highlights rather than overwhelms terroir. 

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